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Remote Control for Zattoo

1.05 usd

Control Zattoo remotely with from your Android Phone!* Change channels* Manage volume* Pair with multiple devices* Works from any network (4G, 3G, Wifi, etc.)Works great when you are using a PC as a TV. Get your favorite channels right from your sofa.
All you need to do is install the Chrome extension "Zattoo Remote Control" here:
Zattoo Remote Control only works if you have the Chrome Extention installed on a computer. is only available in some countries.
About Zattoo* Over 40 HD channels with brilliant picture quality.* Recall – watch the entire TV schedule from the last seven days on demand.* Fast, advertising-free channel changes (without Zattoo advertisements) at the push of a button.* Never miss thrilling TV moments again – with HiQ you can simply pause or rewind live broadcasts.
Zattoo Remote Control and Apptitude Sàrl are not affiliated with Zattoo and ZATTOO is the registered trademark of Zattoo group.